Welcome on www.lets-help-the-homeless.com the site dedicated to American people offers to help Homeless American people.

The purpose of the site is to give an answer to a lack on the Internet: A real help for Homeless people by the population itself

On this site you can post your offers in your state, whatever help should it be:clothes, food, money, shelter, administrative help, job,talking,...

Then you can print these offers and distribute them to the people in need in the streets for them to know that at such or such address or phone number at such or such appointement at such or such date they can find help in their state

Even if you don't offer anything on this site you are encouraged to distribute the offers of others for them to reach the people in demand. You can use for that the mean provided with your browser (file then print for firefox) to print the page. Or you can press the print screen button on your keyboard, then edit and paste in any image editor like paint irfanview or whatever; then file, print

Thank you for them !


To post your offer you'll need to create an account due to spam abuse...(on the left) then go to "let's help the homeless in the left menu, log in and post in your state.

Please do not post twice as I must review your post before it appears on the site (to avoid spammers to post false offers) Thank you !

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